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Cannot enter Beta courses for 2nd week

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Last week I became part of the Beta testing community and did the course. In the first week we cannot enter the courses. Too bad since in that week I really would have liked to join one of two courses about Statistics.

Yesterday was spend eagerly waiting for the Monday mail, but I haven’t received it. I decided to go to the resource area of the beta testing course and sign up via those links. There weren’t many courses. I tried to sign up for one anyway to check if I am on the list. But I got the same messages as last week.

Is there something going wrong on your side or mine? Am I on the Beta testing mail list?

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Hi @Tzara. I'm very sorry for the frustration you experienced. Thank you for your patience as we look into this. @Genica Can you respond to this?
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Hi @Laura and @Genica, it works now. Thanks (^_^)
Facing the same issue. Kindly let me know how to resolve it.
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Hi @NasarAlam. Thanks for letting us know. We hope to have a resolution for you soon! We appreciate your patience.
Hi @Laura , could this problem be related to the courses list problem mentioned here perhaps? : . For example, I cannot see any of the courses I mentor in my completed courses list. I manage to access them via email notifications of discussion forums responses or the daily digest emails that had arrived to my email box.
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@Denise This is likely a different issue, but thank you for the suggestion!


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