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Beta Testers introduce yourself here!

  • 4 December 2018
  • 33 replies

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If you're a beta tester on Coursera we'd love to get to know you better! Please introduce yourself here and get to know some of your fellow beta testers.

33 replies

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Hi everyone,

I'm Terry from Nigeria. I'm a Beta Tester, a Mentor and a Learner. I'm super excited for the journey I've embark on.
I'm presently on Course 5 of my specialization.
My ambition is to be a Public Health Researcher cum Data Analyst.

All thanks to Coursera!

Am Ronit from India, currenlty I have completed my Post Graduation in Business Analytics and looking for a job in Analytics sector.

I have joined for Coursera Beta Tester so that I can use my knowledge of PG to improve the course content as well as learn from the peers.

Thank you,
Ronit Mhatre
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Hey everyone, wish you all a happy new year!

My name is Abdul Rehman and I am from India. I have been learning on coursesa courses from past 1 year mainly in the field of Machine Learning. Then got invited to this community and got to know about this great beta tester program. Can not thank coursera enough for this opportunity :)

Keep Learning, keep rocking!
Hey, my name is Syed Sarwar & I'm currently a senior in high school. I am the director of a nonprofit organization called ProjectCX that frequently uses third party websites (including coursera) to provide a lucrative learning experience. I felt as though it would only make sense for me to explore the ins and outs of Coursera, and as a beta-tester, this served as the best opportunity to do so.
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I am Annesha Kar Gupta. I love to study. I love testing course. It's my hobby.

Thank you for give me this opportunity to be a part of Coursera so closely.

With regards,
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Hi folks - this is Denis from Coursera's Teaching & Learning team. I just wanted to thank you for your testing contributions to the content on our platform. It's incredibly important work that you do, and we really do rely on it and appreciate it. Please know that your work matters!
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Hi, I am Ayush Sharma.
Lives in India. Currently enrolled as a computer science Undergrad.
Looking forward to become a data scientist.
Hi, My name is Nasar and I am 23 years old. I have completed my Bachelors Degree in field of Environmental Sciences.
I am from Pakistan, an entrepreneur who is running a startup regarding environmental journalism. I am also a public speaker and conduct seminars/talks on multiple diverse topics regarding social and environmental issues.

I am Fiza. I like learning and teaching. I am glad to be a part of this community.

Thank you Coursera!
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I am ‘Lola from Nigeria. I am an academic, a volunteer enthusiast and a champion of the causes of children and women. I am a philosophy student, my areas of specialization and competence are in ethics, bioethics and epistemology.

Beta testing feeds my love for learning and I am very happy beta testing. An area I’ve consistently beta tested is Life Sciences, followed by Business among a few others.

Are there specific areas you’ve concentrated effort on at beta testing? Or you just test as the courses come, no preference? It would be good to know. Thanks for sharing and it’s really nice to e-meet you all.
My name is Barbara Porter and I’m from New York. I am a CTO by day, and lifelong learner in my spare time. I have my BSci in Commuter Science, and an MBA. I also have several technical certifications. I am mostly interested in computer science, data science, statistics, math and health related classes.

Iam Nuzhath from Bangalore, India. I have over 25 years experience in the IT industry. Currently I am working as a consultant for content writing and training courses.

I recently enrolled as a beta tester and I am liking this opportunity to beta test a course.

More good to Coursera!

Hi everyone, my name is Kristina, and I'm an herbalist. My mom told me about Coursera, and when I looked into it, I found several interesting topics i wanted to learn more about, so i signed up! So far I LOOVE Dr Scanga's course! (Vital Signs) I've completed a couple others too.. Now on to Beta testing! Thanks for the invite!
Hi fellow learners. I'm Jo from New Zealand. Very grateful to be welcomed into the Coursera/beta tester community. Looking forward to much productive learning, helping out as a tester and becoming a useful part of the Coursera community.
Hi, I am Islam from Egypt. I am software development engineer. I have been beta tester and mentor coursera since 2017.
As a learner on coursera, I have been studying since 2012. 👍
I am Gary, originally from the tropical Caribbean Islands, but now living permanent in the Ohio, USA. I am data science professional pursing convenient and impactful training on this Coursera MOOC platform. I would love to get more involved in the community while promoting how much this medium has transformed my capabilities and outlook about learning and personal growth.

I have been a learner on courser for the past 1 consistently, originally came on a while back but has only recently become a dedicated member and consumer.
Hi everyone,

My name is Nguyen and I live in the DN of Vietnam. I am mainly interested in any subjects related Computer Science and Maths courses. I have been a lifelong learner before I became a Senior Software Tester. So I am happy to have this opportunity to support Coursera's courses and I love to learn new things and produce online contents.
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Hello everyone. My name is Adeniji Tunmise, Nigerian. I was doing something on my phone and I saw 'learn to program',online, I clicked and it took me to coursers. The thing is, I don't think I really understand where to start and how to start, to what level or people are the program meant for. I'm just an O'level student and I want to study electrical and electronics engineering in a university but I don't know weather there are programs or options that may suit me here. Can I plan my university study here, what are the choices, how do I start, where do I go and how can I contribute??? Thanks.
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Hello World!

I'm Elias from Greece. The time I decided to give something back to the community I saw the Beta Testers.

Perfect timing, isn't it? 😉

And so this is my new journey !
Hey guys,
I'm Fred, live in Melbourne Australia.
Working as a software quality engineer, and are always looking new opportunities to learn.
hello everyone,
I am hamid an engineer working in the oil and gas industry, part of management team buidling complex projects
I am mentor and a beta tester too
soo happy to join you and be part of the great team testers
further info please do not hesitate to contact me
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Hi I'm Kai. I'm a sometimes beta tester. Nice to see so many people here in the community!
Coursera has made adopting various cloud product offerings understandable for the open source community to adopt on a changing digital landscape. I really have appreciated this platform and want to see it evolve.

My name is Cameron Banowsky, CTO and co-founder of SHE BASH LLC. Thanks the knowledge bombs!
Hi everyone,

My name is Stewart and I live in the UK near London. I am mainly interested in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the related Computer Science and Maths courses. I have been a lifelong learner since before MOOCs were a thing. So I am delighted to have this opportunity to support Coursera's courses.
Hi, I'm Luis Felipe. 🙂

I'm a brazilian Software Engineer. I've completed the Architecting with Google Cloud specialization, and I loved it!

I love to learn new things and produce online contents. I have a blog and often I speak at IT conferences.

I'm so happy to join the Coursera Beta Tester Community!