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Beta Testers introduce yourself here!

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Hello, I am Yong Meng, from Malaysia.

I am currently a full-time Mobile App Developer as well as a lifelong learner. I studied Applied Mathematics in university and wish to pursue higher studies in the field of Data Science very soon.

I have completed all the Coursera courses taught by Andrew Ng, a total of 7 courses including 1 specialization. I have learned a lot about Machine Learning from his courses. These courses has greatly inspired me to continuously discover more about the field of Data Science, particularly in Machine Learning.

I'm interested to learning new things. By joining Coursera Beta Tester Community, I hope I can contribute by helping to beta test the courses before being released to the public. Thanks for inviting me to join as part of this community!

Nice to meet you all! 😄
Hi everyone, my name is Kristina, and I'm an herbalist. My mom told me about Coursera, and when I looked into it, I found several interesting topics i wanted to learn more about, so i signed up! So far I LOOVE Dr Scanga's course! (Vital Signs) I've completed a couple others too.. Now on to Beta testing! Thanks for the invite!
Hi fellow learners. I'm Jo from New Zealand. Very grateful to be welcomed into the Coursera/beta tester community. Looking forward to much productive learning, helping out as a tester and becoming a useful part of the Coursera community.
Hi everyone,

My name is Nguyen and I live in the DN of Vietnam. I am mainly interested in any subjects related Computer Science and Maths courses. I have been a lifelong learner before I became a Senior Software Tester. So I am happy to have this opportunity to support Coursera's courses and I love to learn new things and produce online contents.


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