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Access to the Updated Content of Courses after Beta testing

  • 15 February 2021
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Hello everyone,

I am Saheli Basu and had been beta testing for a while .

The beta testing initiative is really amazing and I thank all my fellow Community members for being a part of it.

I mostly take part in the Computer Science courses where programming assignments are basically hosted in


 Qwiklabs , Cognitive class ,Jupyter Notebook , Google Collab.


Many data analysis courses also comes with lab requirements which can be completed using Google Sheets, Tableau etc.

 I have been wondering lately that : 

After the initial access to the materials with assessments and testing, pointing out any possible bugs/requisites , the Updated Content of the  Courses are never communicated or provided the opportunity of accessing them to the testers without upgrading .

This seems a bit unfair to everyone who took part in the process of improving the derivirables especially when the programming assessments are concerned.

That's the reason why some of the interesting courses are left unfinished most of the times .

I just wanted to discuss about the matter with my fellow testers .

What do you all think?





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