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Introduce Yourself Here to the Arts and Humanities Community!

  • 23 October 2020
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Welcome to the arts and humanities community!

We’d love to get to know you a bit better. Reply to this post to introduce yourself and take a moment to meet your fellow community members.

Maybe you’d like to share ...

  • Where you're from/where you live

  • Why you’re interested in arts and humanities

  • What courses you’re taking or have taken

  • Which topics/projects you’re especially interested in

  • What you can help someone with / what you’re looking for help with

  • How arts and humanities have influenced your life

13 replies

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This is Swapnil Barua kona, I read in University of Chittagong, Department of bengali.I am a member of Amnesty International. Also I am a student of Coursera. At a time i'm a online student of Harvard University, USA. Already i have completed successfully one course about literature from Harvard University, USA through online with HardvadX and Edx. And i got 100% scholarship from Harvard University and 90% scholarship from EdX.

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Hello World! My name is Javier and I’m a UI/UX Designer for Knowt. I just wanted to start this community thread to start networking with other fellow UX designers taking the Google certificate program. Here, we can share our journeys throughout the program, share some cool UX methods, and also network! 


Pleased to meet all of you and feel free to add me on LinkedIn: 




@javierlarosadesign Hello Javier! It is a pleasure to e-meet you! I am just starting the UX Certificate here as well.

I have been working as a Graphic and Web Designer for a while and I think User Experience is definitely the next step on my pathway to learning more about Design. 

I am looking forward to going through all the content of the program and to connect with people that are new or that are already working with UX, so we can trade experiences.

My LinkedIn:

Have a good one!

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@javierlarosadesign @wiodesign 


Hi guys, I’m Lixia, nice to meet you! I am so happy to start the journey of Google UX program since yesterday. I have been project manager for events in France and China. Right now,  I am changing my path to UX design. 


Please feel free to contact me on Linkedin, I am also looking forward to connecting with UX mates of this program and to sharing all about UX design:


I have created a Discord group “Google UXmates” yesterday, for right now, we are few. You are welcome to join us and run the community together:


Have a nice day!




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Hi everyone, my name is Anastasia and this is the first time I'm getting familiar with the UX field overall. I'm interested into learning the basics of UX design and hoping to progress into full time carrier. I don't have previous background in this industry, however I believe the my artsy skills and dedication will help me to become successful UX designer. (UK based)

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@Turquoisemermaid Hi Anastasia, I’m Lixia nice to meet you! I have created a discord group for all UXmates who are following the program. If you want, you are very welcome to join us


Hello everyone! I’m Yara and I am very excited to be in the course. I have had experience with Front-End Development, but I always have been curious about UX design. 

I am looking forward embark this journey. :)

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Hello Everyone,

I am Jai from Bengaluru, India. I am a working professional as a Lead - Visual Designer. I was very excited to join this Google UX Design Certificate program to upgrade my skills and role.

Thank you,

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hello everyone I just signed up to become a ux designer! I have no prior experience. hopefully I make this through! 


@daviidyang Welcome to the community Coursera.

I hope you create a vibrant space where you could network, like-minded video lectures of each unit, tech folks with the freedom to learn tech and chill, all under one space Coursera.

But before you begin keep in mind some basic ground rules:

Applicants for the degree program must have a bachelor's degree. Minimum of 5 years of professional experience. A potential project idea.

And that users who are as young as 13 use Coursera, they do not allow content that is inappropriate for these younger users according to the straight point view of Coursera.

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My name is Diego. I run a photo&video production house at Byron bay - Australia.

im here to learn more about social media marketing to promote my business and maybe, have another service to offer My clients.

im enjoying the course and I hope we can be social media experts soon 😉🤙🤙

@Colibri productions Hi I think here there’s much more

in case you need to evaluate a course before subscribing, open the weeks in the syllabus and the first item is --99% times-- a link to a preview series (limited or not)

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That's great, @Colibri productions! All the best!